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Murder, mayhem and mass transit

Welcome to my Murder and Dragons site. I'm C.L. Kraemer and I've been at this passion of mine for a while. I've been published in several forms; Web pages, epublishing, print-on-demand, and even video.

News Updates

As new stories, books, and commuter books enter the scene, I'll keep you posted.



My writing seems to have settled, and I find myself suffering if I can't get back to the world of the scaly.

The completed story of faeries and night elves called The Lending Library was published in the Valentine Anthology from RoguePhoenixPress.com in February 2010. A prequel of the faerie story called Meadows of Gold was published in the St. Patrick's Day Anthology, March 2011, again from RoguePhoenixPress.com.

Dragons Among Us was released in August 2010 to positive response. Dragons Among The Eagles, the second in the series was released June 2011. I'm currently working on Dragons Among the Ice, the third in the series. As of this moment, there are a dozen books in the series. I'll post covers, excerpts and notices as I get closer to releasing each one.

Until you see the golden glow of my eyes, keep reading and be nice to each other.

C.L.Kraemer on a very good day.

I've taken the plunge and can also be found on Facebook. 

Enchanted Realms, Xlibris, "Cyre Drake"

In the woods surrounding Mt. St. Helens, strange occurrences have been happening since the eruption of May 18, 1980. Aleda Sable has a tendency not to believe her editor, Warren Hennessy, when he swears what he has told her is true... after all, the newspaper she works for is a gossip tabloid for the Northwest. But this time he's almost convinced her there is something to be investigated. But really, dragons at Mt. St. Helens? What has he been smoking?